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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Windows Store Launch to include Angry Birds

Windows users can grab some Angry Birds and a host of other games when Microsoft's Windows Store opens for business later this month.

The new store is slated to launch in preview mode by the end of February at the same time the Windows 8 Consumer Preview debuts.Citing a "source familiar with Microsoft's plans," The Verge has spilled the beans on which games will be among the first titles to pop up in the store. Though Pinball and Solitaire will automatically come with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, several other games will be available for download from the store.

The titles revealed by The Verge include-

Angry Birds
Crash Course
Full House Poker
Hydro Thunder
Ms Splosion Man
Reckless Racing
Rocket Riot
Toy Soldiers


CDarwin said...

I dont like agree birds too much, it has been a success nonetheless. Wha happens is that it was talked about too much and it is just a simple game.

CDarwin said...


Johno said...

Still haven't played AB yet. I'm so behind

Miami Design said...

Wow, the way angry birds has taken off from being a simple ipod game, to even having its own toys is amazing!

Tenment Funster said...

No Minesweeper? meh.

DanRobitzski said...

I wish microsoft would stop trying to be like apple. I miss Windows XP


Music Reviews said...

awesome stuff look forward to getting my hands on these

Nicolás said...

I love Angry Birds.
Can't wait for this.

Josh said...

this is actually surprisingly cool

Josh said...

hey man everyone in the circle is on twitter. follow everyone i follow on twitter and i'll link everyone to you