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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Windows 8 will sync with your Windows Live ID

Microsoft will offer the ability to sign into Windows 8 with a Windows Live ID, a move that places the next-generation operating system in heightened competition with both Google Android and Apple’s upcoming iCloud.

According to a Sept. 26 posting on the “Building Windows 8” blog, doing so will “ensure that each PC user has a truly personal experience that seamlessly bridges their online and offline tasks, is simpler to set up and use, and persists across their set of Windows 8 PCs.”

A newly purchased Windows 8 PC will give users the option of creating an account linked to a Windows Live ID. From that point forward, signing into any Windows 8 PC with that Windows Live ID will activate the user’s personalized settings on that machine. Those settings apparently include “lock screen picture, desktop background, user tile, browser favorites and history, spell check dictionaries, Explorer settings, mouse settings, and accessibility settings.”

That Windows Live ID will also sync Windows 8’s Metro-style apps, including their settings and most recent state. Users will have the ability to customize which settings sync between PCs. Websites that leverage the Windows Live ID, such as Hotmail, will not require a second sign-in after the initial log-in to Windows 8.

The ability to sync across multiple devices is a growing trend in the tech world, with different companies offering their own variation on the theme. Use your laptop to send an email via Gmail, for example, and your nearby Google Android tablet will update to reflect the new communication. Apple’s iCloud, due to ship this fall, will sync contacts, calendar, email, photos and music between users’ various devices.

source- eWeek

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Minecraft 1.8 Beta, How to get it Free!

By now the world and his mother have probably been digging their way through the early-release build of Minecraft’s latest version 1.8 dubbed: The “Adventure” Update.

Needless to say, the impact of today’s ”official” update to Beta might not be a huge News item to the majority of miners. However, for those of you who haven’t updated into a world of Endermen killing sprees and the ability to sprint away from said killing sprees. Now you can load up Minecraft and be greeted by an update process that will bring your executable to version 1.8.

Some new features added to the update include-

- 9 New Crafting recipes
- Creative Mode
- 3 New mob creatures
- Biome Mode
- New combat Mechanics
- New Achievements
- Character Sprinting
- NPC Villages

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source- gamebreakers

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Portal is Free on Steam

This is a treat. Valve is offering the original hit first-person puzzle game Portal for free, starting Friday and lasting until Sept. 20. You can grab your copy of Portal for Mac (or PC, if that’s what you’re into) on Steam. If you haven’t played Portal, it’s a terrific puzzle gaming experience that’s probably unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. If you have played it, it’s worth playing again.

I was late to the Portal party, having only played it for the first time last year, and despite being exposed to years of hype (the game originally came out in October 2007), it still managed to exceed my expectations. It’s funny, and challenging yet also accessible, so give it a shot even if you’re not usually much of a first-person gamer.

Each level in the game is a series of rooms from which you have to escape, using only your wits and handheld teleportation gun, which fires Portals that allow you to quickly traverse great distances in an instant. If you’re into maddening puzzle games like Unblock Me on the iPhone and iPad, you’ll be amazed at how well a similar concept translates to a game with first-person shooter mechanics. The game holds up surprisingly well despite being four years old now, too.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Netflix Launches in Latin America

The service launched today in Brazil today and is expected to be made available in 43 countries in Latin America, Mexico, and the Caribbean over the next week, Netflix said in a blog posting. Netflix said it has spent the past couple of months studying how Latin Americans think about movies and TV shows, as well as testing its delivery method.

"We've been testing and figuring out the right Internet architecture to make sure the quality and speed of the Netflix streaming experience is the best it can be," Rochelle King, Netflix VP of User Experience and Design, wrote in a company blog.

Subscribers will be able to access Netflix in Spanish, Portuguese, or English. Netflix said the streaming offer in Latin America and the Caribbean will work the same way it does in the United States. Customers will pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to the company's streaming-video library.

Netflix subscribers will be able to access content on computers, WII and PS3 game consoles, and smart TVs. However, it doesn't appear the program will include access to the physical media. The move, which was announced in July, is Netflix's largest expansion to date, with an apparent goal of creating a worldwide streaming service. Netflix expanded outside the United States last September with the launch of a streaming service in Canada.

It's unknown how much demand there is for streaming content in Latin America or how much revenue Netflix could generate from the market.

Source- Cnett