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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warefare Induction Campaign

The world has been thrown into chaos from a unified terrorist attack on nuclear reactors across five continents. It has been beaten down to its lowest point, and the military forces of even the greatest nations are unable to respond to the crises that are facing their countries.

Enter Atlus, a private military corporation run by Irons that’s strangely prepared to handle the task set before them. It has the “single largest standing military in the world,” according to a character in the trailer. The game will follow Private Mitchell (voiced by Troy Baker) over the course of 8 years, so it’s possible we’ll see Atlus responding, fighting, and rebuilding these nations, which puts it in a position with tremendous power — likely giving it control over infrastructure across the globe and putting it in a position to manipulate governments everywhere.

Players may move from battling against a terrorist organization to fighting against the Atlus organization over the course of the game. The trailer had much more to reveal than backstory, though. Activision also teased some aspects of gameplay. Source-