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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nintendo Wii U Controller Unveiled at E3

With a glossy white front face and smooth contours, the Wii U controller tablet has an uncanny resemblance to something Apple would conjure up. It also looks like a giant bottom half of a DSi XL, with dual analog pads added. The tablet is roughly the size of many 7-inch tablets, but with a larger bezel, thicker chassis, and more controller-like feel. It's lightweight enough to hold for the sessions we used, but after a few minutes of motion use it felt less ergonomic than a Wii remote.

No technical specs are known yet about the resolution, battery life, or processing power of either the tablet or its base console, but here's what we do know: the tablet controller has dual analog pads, a crosspad, buttons, trigger buttons on the back, a stylus or finger-activated touchscreen, a microphone, front and rear-facing cameras, and a gyroscopic motion sensor.

The cameras and microphone will enable video chat according to Nintendo, while the gyro motion controls enable augmented reality-style movement of the 6-inch screen's viewpoint. Games demoed show how the tablet's second screen can be used for a unique player's perspective, or a device that can enhance, interact with, or magnify action seen on the TV. Aiming the tablet camera at the TV might enable a pitch-control interface in a baseball game, or a close-up sniper view in a shooter.

While the tablet can act as a stand-alone gaming device while the TV connected to the Wii U is in use by someone else, according to Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto the Wii U's tablet is a living room device meant to be used in the home, preferably not far from the TV it's paired to. Technically, the wirelessly-connected device could be used to play games on its own, but it sounds like the base Wii U console will need to be on in order to enable that game play.

The tablet's display was crisp and bright in our hands-on use, somewhere in the iPad 2 range of quality, and definitely better than a Nintendo DSi or 3DS. Resolution isn't known yet, but it looked as good as any 7-inch tablet we've seen.

Source Cnet


non-observant said...

Gonna take me a while to get used to "Wii U". I mean, I see what they did there, but still ...

jrallen said...

Nintendo get a load of stick for their new consoles these days but I have to say that they're by far the most innovative. They're the ones who break the mold and will define the future of gaming.

Ameridion said...

I hope Nintendo and the third party does something innovator with this

Chaela said...

lol a Wii U still makes me laugh

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